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Investing in the Future
of the Whiskey Industry

At Spirits Capital, we are a fintech company that merges technology with the alternative asset class of premium American whiskey. We provide investors with a secure and transparent way to capitalize on whiskey's value growth as it matures. Soon, We will launch the Distilled Barrels Financial Exchange (DBFEX), a cutting-edge digital marketplace for the global trading of aged whiskey barrels. DBFEX uses a proprietary AI-driven pricing tool, known as the Barrel Value Optimizer, to analyze an extensive array of market data and barrel-specific information to suggest optimal price ranges for aged whiskey barrels.

Securities Type

Common Stock

Offering Type

Regulation A+

Price per Share


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We're bringing a variety of "firsts" to the whiskey industry

--from the first secure cask investments to the first global
exchange for the trading of aged barrels



Shares Outstanding

102.6 Million

Insider Ownership


Company HQ

Newport Beach, CA


Spirits Capital Corporation is a technology-driven sponsor of secured transactions and monetization for the spirits industry.

  • Provides historically unavailable assets through a secure and transparent technology platform
  • Utilizes proprietary AI technology to revolutionize the marketplace
  • Enhances commodity TRANSPARENCY through real-time data traceability & tracking
  • Growing demand for distilled spirits accelerates organic revenue growth with multiple synergistic opportunities


Our unique and proprietary technology aligns with strong consumer demand for premium distilled spirits, creating an open, safe, and secure marketplace to capitalize on the promising future of Premium American Whiskey.


All valuations are AI-enhanced for peak market precision and integrity.

Market Demand

The American whiskey market is forecasted to grow from $9.2 billion in 2023 to $19.8 billion by 2030.


Whiskey has outperformed the S&P 500 by +68% over the past 10 years.


All Spirits Capital whiskey barrels are backed by premium insurance carriers and certified to the highest industry standards.

The Whiskey Advantage

  • Asset-backed alternative investment with double-digit returns

  • Outperformance over traditional investments and other alternatives

  • Stable; non-correlated to the markets and less volatile

  • Recession proof – demand for whiskey is consistent in good and bad times

  • Inflation hedge

Business Model

Our unique business model enables revenue generation at various stages

Sale of cask at maturity

Initial cask purchase

Investment acquisition of corporate-owned casks

Transaction fees

Strategic investments
in distilleries

Better than Gold, Whiskey is Booming!

Invest $500 Today

All you need is $500 to stake a claim in Spirits Capital

Tell everyone you know about this offering; $500 gets you 285* common shares of stock at $1.75 each, they will thank you later!

*Actual total shares is 285.7
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Boost Your Shares with Bonuses!

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Share Bonus

Invest $6,250 or more


Share Bonus

Invest $12,500 or more


Share Bonus

Invest $25,000 or more

These are additional bonus shares that are added
to the bonus structure below.

Giving Bonus

Investor Rewards Gift Bonus


Receive a SCC logo flask.


Receive set of 4 SCC logo Glencairn Glasses.


Receive an SCC logo mini whiskey barrel and set of 4 SCC logo Glencairn Glasses.


Receive an SCC logo decanter with set of 4 bourbon whiskey glasses.


Receive an SCC logo mini whiskey barrel and SCC logo decanter with set of 4 bourbon whiskey glasses.


Receive an invitation for 2 to attend a private whiskey tasting event at a distillery and surprise gift.


Airfare & 2 nights hotel and a tour of Southern Distilling with a private whiskey tasting and surprise gift.


A private tasting for 10 people with a whiskey sommelier at a local restaurant and surprise gift.

Not actual gifts shown

The Company & Team

Chairman and CEO Todd Sanders has been involved in the boutique venture capital markets for more than 20 years, during which he consulted dozens of private and public companies with enterprise values of over $4 billion. He assembled a team of professionals who are experts at building companies that create shareholder value.


Todd Sanders


Todd Sanders is our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He is intensely entrepreneurial, with extensive knowledge of the small to medium size enterprise market. Mr. Sanders has been one of the largest beneficial shareholders and has held various senior executive and advisory positions with several companies.

Reza Hashemi​


Reza Hashemi is our CTO. He is an Edison award winner, inventor and entrepreneur specializing in AI & Web3 solutions. Reza has an extensive experience in executive positions which has allowed him to bridge the gap between the tech and business worlds.

Michael D. Weydemuller


Michael D. Weydemuller is the Chief Investment Officer of Spirits Capital Corporation and CEO of Trusttax Compliance Network. Michael oversees our Cask Investment Deed product. He has over 25 years of experience in individual, corporate and trust taxation as well as Corporate Accounting.

Jonathan Thomas


Jonathan Thomas is the Chief Marketing Officer for Spirits Capital Corporation. Mr. Thomas is a marketing and communications professional with more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry.

Adam Handelsman

Vice President, Corporate Communications

Jonathan Thomas is the Chief Marketing Officer for SpiritsAdam Handelsman is the Vice President of Corporate Communications for Spirits Capital. Over the past 25 years, Adam has worked with a wide range of brands, companies and organizations.

Kelsee Pottorff

Director of Investor Relations

Kelsee Pottorff is the Director of Investor Relations for Spirits Capital. With a background in Financial Services and Private Equity, she has an exquisite acumen when it comes to addressing investor needs and presenting financial material.

Advisory Board

Adam Ausloos


Jamee Natella


Michael Shoer


Neil Sahota


Frequently Asked Questions


Everything you need to know about Spirits Capital and Investing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please contact us

We are currently issuing Common Stock at $1.75 per share.

Anyone over the age of 18 years can invest.  This offering is open to both Accredited and Non-accredited investors.

Accredited investors can invest as much as they want. But if you are a NON accredited investor, your investment limit is equal to 10% of the greater of: annual income or net worth (for natural persons), or annual revenue or net assets (for non- natural persons).

(If we are linking the qualifications for an Accr. Inv. above, providing this below is redundant.)

To qualify as an accredited investor, you must have one of the following:

  • Over $1 million in net worth* either individually or jointly with the individual’s spouse, excluding the person’s primary residence.
  • More than $200,000 in gross income ($300,000 with a spouse or domestic partner) in the past two calendar years, with a reasonable expectation of the same earnings in the current year.
  • There are additional ways to be an accredited investor as a company or trust, please speak with your financial advisor for this information.

*To calculate your net worth, just add up all of your assets and subtract all of your liabilities (excluding the value of the person’s primary residence). The resulting sum is your net worth.

This raise is currently set at $35,000,000. Offering proceeds will generally be used for product inventory, marketing, offering fees and expenses, and working capital.

For more detail of the company’s expected allocations of the proceeds from this offer you can see page 19 of the Offering Circular, which can be found on our main offering page.

There is no minimum amount set and no provision to escrow or return investor funds. If a company does not reach their minimum funding target, all funds will be returned to the investors after the close of the offering. There is no minimum funding target for this Regulation A+ offering, so all investments will be available to be invested under the conditions of Regulation A Offering Statement filed with the SEC.

Early stage investing provides the opportunity for exponential return on an initial investment. There is risk associated with investing in startup companies, which is why here at Spirits Capital we actively provide insights and transparency to what our company is doing. For personal risk-tolerance assessment or questions, we encourage you to discuss these matters with your trusted financial advisor.

Issuer must file with the SEC annual reports on Form 1-K (with audited financial statements), semi-annual reports on Form 1-SA (with unaudited financial statements) and current reports on Form 1-U.  Besides this, the Issuing company will be presenting periodic updates on the company and investors will be notified of these updates.

All available disclosure information can be found on the offering pages for our Regulation Crowdfunding offering.

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