American Whiskey is a stable, secure, and recession-proof asset — and there are few investments that not only get better with time but that are resistant to calamity, crisis, and conflict.

Fine Whiskey vs Mainstream Assets

Historically, whiskey has outperformed stock market returns and other alternative investments like gold

Fine Whiskey
US Equites
Hong Kong Equities
UK Equites
Corporate Bonds
US Treasuries

Why Whiskey?

Get double digit returns from a recession proof American asset.

Asset-backed alternative investment with double digit returns

Outperformance over traditional investments and other alternatives

Low volatility; whiskey values are much more stable over time

Recession proof – demand for whiskey is consistent in good and bad times

Inflation hedge

Non-correlated to the markets, providing portfolio diversification

Better than Gold, Whiskey is Booming

A recent Cru Whiskey Research report found that fine whiskey as an asset (purchased by the bottle or the cask) has dramatically outperformed mainstream assets since 2012, soaring over 500% — outpacing oil, gold, corporate bonds, U.S. equities, and U.S. treasuries.

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