Distilled Barrels Financial Exchange (DBFEX) Completes Three-Year AI-Based Machine Learning Program

Global Trading Platform for Maturing Whiskey Barrels Utilizes Blockchain and AI to Bring Transparency and Value to One of America’s Oldest Industries

March 15, 2024 – Newport Beach, CA – Spirits Capital Corporation, a fintech company that merges technology with the premium American whiskey asset class, announced the technology behind its Q2 launch of the Distilled Barrel Financial Exchange (“DBFEX”) has completed a three-year AI-based machine learning integration process. The DBFEX global marketplace is set to connect distillers, investors and brands in a transparent ecosystem never seen in the whiskey and spirits industry. The platform will leverage AI in a way that analyzes the entire supply chain behind the manufacturing of every barrel of whiskey in real time.

Reza Hashemi, Chief Technology Officer at Spirits Capital, states, “By leveraging cutting-edge AI, we’re setting new standards of transparency and trust in the whiskey exchange market. Inspired by how Zillow’s Zestimate brought clarity to real estate values, our platform uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze the nuances of supply chain, pricing, and market demand. This approach offers precise valuations and forecasts, establishing a new benchmark for authenticity and efficiency. Our aim is to redefine industry standards, facilitating transactions that are not only quicker and smoother but fundamentally more reliable. Through technology, we envision a future where all market participants can make well-informed decisions, bolstered by transparent and solid data.”

Todd Sanders, Chairman & CEO of Spirits Capital, says, “For over 100 years, whiskey has been traded by a small group of whiskey brokers. The industry hasn’t utilized historical pricing or analyzed supply chain factors to determine costs and current or forecasted valuations. DBFEX will empower all parties, from brokers to distillers, investors to institutions, with access to real-time data in a safe and secure marketplace.” 

About Spirits Capital Corporation

Spirits Capital is a fintech company that merges technology with the alternative asset class of premium American whiskey and other spirits. The Company’s mission is to develop, utilize and monetize the spirits industry through technology driven platforms that enable investors and institutions to value, invest and profit on maturing spirits. Founded with a focus on premium American whiskey, Spirits has built a platform that provides investors with a secure and transparent way to capitalize on the growth of the spirit while it matures in the barrel. In addition, Spirits has created the Distilled Barrels Financial Exchange (“DBFEX”), a cutting-edge digital platform for the global trading of aged whiskey barrels. DBFEX uses a proprietary AI-driven pricing tool, known as the Barrel Value Optimizer, to analyze an extensive array of market data and barrel-specific information to suggest optimal price ranges for aged whiskey barrels. For more information about Spirits, visit www.spiritscap.com.

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