Spirits Capital Introduces New Whiskey-Backed Alternative Investment

Limited Allocation “Cask Investment Deeds” Are Secured By Newly Poured Barrels of Premium American Whiskey

NEWPORT BEACH, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 5, 2023 /Spirits Capital Corporation (OTC PK:SSCC) is now offering accredited investors a new alternative investment called the “Cask Investment Deed,” which provides a secure way to capitalize on the growth in value of premium American whiskey while it matures in the barrel. By forging relationships directly with U.S. distillers, Spirits Capital has created a unique opportunity for investors to participate in the double-digit growth rate coupled with a clear time frame and exit strategy.

As an investment, whiskey is a product that has historically outpaced nearly every other asset class, all while being un-correlated to the stock and bond markets. It’s also recession-proof and provides a hedge against inflation.

Todd Sanders, Chairman & CEO of Spirits Capital, states,”While whiskey bottles are by far the most collected category of alcohol, cask investing has remained virtually unexplored by the investment community. We created an opportunity to capitalize on both the expected general market growth blended with the increase in value that occurs during the whiskey’s maturation process. Via our transparent and secure platform, we provide an unleveraged 12.5% return per annum on our deeds.”

The development of Spirits Capital was driven by a vision to create an open, safe and secure marketplace to capitalize on the strong and promising future of premium American whiskey. While there are other companies that enable investors to purchase whiskey casks directly, none provide the high degree of transparency of the Spirits Capital platform or the same assurance in certifying the underpinning value of the casks.

The current Spirits Capital offering consists of 800 units, each unit representing 25 Cask Investment Deeds. Each Deed is secured with one barrel of newly-filled premium American Whiskey.

About Spirits Capital Corporation

Spirits Capital provides investors with a secure way to capitalize on the growth in value of premium American whiskey while it matures in the barrel. When fresh whiskey is first poured, it must age over the course of several years to achieve its full value. By working directly with premium U.S. distillers, we’ve created a unique investment that enables investors to participate in that double-digit growth during the aging period with a clear time frame and exit strategy. We’ve integrated whiskey and technology experts to bring our customers the finest premium product and value through secure and transparent transactions.

Media Contact

Adam Handelsman
Spirits Capital
512-363-0594 or Adam@spiritscap.com

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