Stock market volatility have you rattled? Calm your nerves and your portfolio with whiskey

If you’ve been following any financial news recently, you’ve probably seen a lot of headlines like these:

“Stocks sink as eyes turn to jobs report”
“Wall Street falls, investors digest Fed comments”
“Dow records fourth straight day of Q2 losses”

Often, these proclamations of doom are followed the next day by headlines touting 400-point rebounds. So what does it all mean for investors?

It means that heightened market volatility is the new normal. Over the past 30-plus years, the frequency of dramatic price swings in the stock market has gradually increased. In fact, in the S&P 500’s history, the five most volatile years have been in the last two decades.

Numerous factors contribute to this volatility, including non-stop news cycles, faster trading, economic policy (including interest-rate hikes) and even the popularity of meme stocks, which can rise and fall dramatically in a short period of time.

The historical average yearly return for the S&P 500 may be 10.5%, but investors need to weather a lot of ups and downs to get there.

That’s why whiskey has increasingly become a sought-after alternative investment, offering a smoother ride and better returns than the traditional financial markets. Unlike stocks, which can fluctuate in value based on factors such as economic conditions, company performance, and market sentiment, whiskey is a tangible asset with inherent value. Once distilled and aged, whiskey becomes a finite commodity, with each barrel representing a piece of history and craftsmanship.

Moreover, the demand for whiskey has been steadily increasing in recent years, driven by factors such as the return of the cocktail culture and the emergence of new global markets for premium spirits. This double-digit annual market growth provides stability for whiskey prices.

Whiskey is also relatively immune to broader economic trends. While the stock market can be influenced by factors such as interest rates, inflation, and geopolitical events, the demand for high-quality whiskey tends to remain resilient even during economic downturns. This resilience can provide a hedge against market volatility and economic uncertainty, making whiskey investments an attractive diversification strategy for investors seeking to preserve wealth in times of market turbulence.

Which means whiskey investors can enjoy headlines like these instead:

“High quality whiskey remains stable”
“Upward trajectory of whiskey likely to continue through 2024”

By diversifying investments across different asset classes, including alternative assets such as whiskey, investors can mitigate today’s market volatility and enhance their chances of long-term financial success.

About Spirits Capital
Spirits Capital is a fintech company that merges technology with the alternative asset class of premium American whiskey. Spirits has built a platform that provides investors with a secure and transparent way to capitalize on the growth in value of whiskey while it matures in the barrel. In addition, Spirits has created the Distilled Barrels Financial Exchange (“DBFEX”), a cutting-edge digital platform for the global trading of aged whiskey barrels. Learn more at

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